web designs for anyone

The design of your website is crucial to both your brand and the satisfaction of your users/customers/fans. Using a website should be productive and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. I take those two things very seriously when building a website, all with the client's needs in mind.

Needs vary greatly from client to client. Looking for a simple website with a few pages? Sounds pretty easy to me. Need a big site with multiple pages, forum, online store, blog, wiki, etc? No problem, but sounds like a bit more work, so it might cost you more. Do you need to be able to easily edit and create pages on your own in the future? I can help you out with that.

what will you need?

Sometimes simple is best. Small businesses, bands, public figures, and more are what would need a small website. You'd need a handful of pages that show your content, contact info, music, and anything else you'd want to show the masses.

Do you like to write and want your words to be seen by the universe? A blog is a good option then. You can write articles as often as you like and share the links to anyone you'd like. This would be one function of the website, of course. You can have more pages than just a blog.

Have merch that you want to sell? Or baked goods? Or your Beanie Baby collection? You can set up your own online store to sell your stuff. There are a few options that you can go with; either a custom-built store that uses PayPal, or something like Shopify or Big Cartel.

Wikis are one of the best ways to store lots of info for all to see, like an online encyclopedia. If you have a bunch of random knowledge about a specific topic, a wiki is a good option. Wikis can also be useful for creating and managing webpages on your own.

An important feature that many businesses need is a support center. You can create support tickets, show progress, easily contact customers/users regarding their issue with your service or product.

Many clients would rather have a system where they can edit and create the pages easily themselves without needing me to do it for them. There are great services that provide just that, such as Weebly or Wordpress. I can help set those up for you and teach you how to use it effectively.

how much will it cost?

The price will vary from project to project. Obviously a small website with a few pages will be significantly cheaper than a huge site with a billion pages. The design also factors in as well. Depending on the size of what you want, I'll either request a down-payment in addition to an ending price, or just an ending price - i.e. you won't pay until you're satisfied with the result.

All requests will be given an approximate quote before moving forward. If you're interested in knowing what I'd charge, contact me. At the very least, I can point you in the direction of what you're looking for, if I can't help you out.